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In 1974-75 some thirty Plainfield and Meriden residents were taped as part of an grant-funded oral history project to celebrate the nation's Bicentennial. The memories of these residents form a compelling history of life in a rural community during the 20th century. We are just beginning the process of converting old tapes to digital format. We will add audio files as they become available.
Lena Read

Lena Read (1892-1981) Mrs. Read was very active in statewide politics. She was representative to the state legislature and a state senator from the eighth district. She was the first woman to serve in the state senate and on a Superior Court jury. She was also active in the local and state Grange.1

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1. Choice White Pines and Good Land, A History of Plainfield and Meriden, New Hampshire/written by the townspeople; edited by Philip Zea and Nancy Norwalk, Peter E. Randall Publisher, 1991.