A few residents have written stories about their childhood and their memories of Plainfield and Meriden in years past. The Historical Society has not attempted to verify all that is written in the documents below and the points of view expressed are the author's alone. However, we believe that sharing these first-person accounts and memories gives a unique insight into the development of our community. We hope you enjoy them.
Note: If you have written your own memoirs of life in Plainfield or Meriden and you would like to have them included in this section, we would love to have them. However, the Plainfield Historical Society reserves the right to edit and/or not to publish any document which is disparaging of others or which might otherwise be considered inappropriate.
Richard Plummer

Richard W. Plummer was born in Windsor, Vermont in 1932. His stories of growing up in Plainfield will make the 'old' folks smile and the young ones wonder: his father, Steve, ran the Plainfield Store for many years; the rifle club practiced in the Town Hall shooting across the stage toward the Maxfield Parish backdrop; read about his hunting and fishing adventures; and much more. Richard graduated from Dartmouth College and served as a Marine during the Korean War. He and his wife, Gloria, have been happily married for over 50 years, living and raising their children in Plainfield. To read his "Reflections", click here.

Abe Read

Albert "Abe" Read was born in Plainfield in 1920. He and his wife, Kathleen, were dairy farmers. Abe served Plainfield as president of the Plainfield Historical Society, supervisor of the checklist, auditor of town and school budgets, and a member of the Town finance committee. He and Kathleen were active in the Grange and a variety of Agricultural organizations. He has written two volumes of "Abe Read's Memoirs" which we have combined and reprinted with permission. Click here to see Abe's stories.